Partnering with NVYLL Coaches

UpdatedFriday October 27, 2017 byProspects Lacrosse.

"We have a great group of kids!  We should do something on our own this summer so we can keep these boys playing together and developing as a unit."

Are you this NVYLL coach who has a core group of boys looking for more lacrosse in the Summer?  I was that NVYLL coach and we have others who are major contributors to our program, either as coaches or as assistants to our coaches.  If you are this coach looking for an opportunity to develop your core kids, please consider Prospects Lacrosse.  By combining different programs core groups we are able to develop a stronger more cohesive team.  We pride ourselves as an organization with exceptional coaches  “a coaches club” where we welcome your contributions

Please reach out to us directly if you have interests in partnering with our club to complement your NVYLL club goals.