OPEN Registration for MYL Box League

Open to non-Prospect Players! Teams will play in the "Silver Division"

Updated Tuesday August 1, 2017 by Prospects Lacrosse.

We are looking to field teams with club recreation players in the MYL Box League under the Silver division (Our Travel Teams Play in the more competitive GOLD Division).  Most recreation clubs do not organize in the fall, come take advantage of travel coaching in a recreation environment!

Prospects Lacrosse is a big believer in box lacrosse as an excellent means to develop young lacrosse players offensive and defensive skills.  When taught and managed by coaches who understand the game, box lacrosse is a great teaching tool that aligns with the principals of the US Lacrosse Atheted Development Model (LADM)!  US Lacrosse, our governing body for Lacrosse, has developed guidelines for boys and girls for small-sided games; the first priority in rolling out the LADM. Building off small-sided principles already utilized in certain parts of the country, it’s a blueprint for leagues and organizations to prepare their players for the eventual transition to full-field competition.  THINK SMALL, is the trend that is used to develop ELITE lacrosse players.  More repititions, More Shots, More Movement, More involvement by ALL players, Less idle time. 

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This Fall 2017, we are creating an OPEN Division to allow local NVYLL players to play in the MYL Box league.  McLean has its open teams and we are offering an alternative path that is more targeted at clubs outside of McLean Youth Lacrosse.  We look at this as an opportunity to introduce our Prospects Program as an alternative to other travel programs in the area.

What the EXPERTS of te Field Game Say...

“Every Kid Should Play Box Lacrosse”

-John Desko, Head Coach Syracuse University                             

“If I had my choice, I would have every player under the age of 12 play box lacrosse exclusively or at least a majority of the time “

-Bill Tierney, Denver University

We are offering this opportunity at a reasonable price of $135 (MYL is charging $145 per player), which includes Prospects coaching for the first 1-2 games.  We will look for volunteers to learn how to run the box and manage games afterward.  We will teach the basics, running box doors is not a difficult challenge and requires no real lacrosse knowledge.  Prospects Lacrosse travel team has practices on Friday nights, which we are offering at $20/practice to registered OPEN division players.  We look at this as another opportunity for OPEN players to learn how PROSPECTS teaches the box game and how PROSPECTS develops our lacrosse players.

"It's Too Rough".  Don't fall into this misunderstanding.  When MYL Box first started, the referees and many surrounding the game did not understand the nuances of Box; which led to misinterpretations of the rules and resulted in out of control play.  THIS IS NOT HOW BOX LACROSSE IS PLAYED!!!!  MYL Box has improved how they referee the game and Prospect Lacrosse coaches know how to teach box lacrosse PROPERLY.  It's a CREATIVE game that simulates basketball when coached properly.  There are NO TAKE OUT Checks and in fact, these types of checks are heavily penalized.