Small Group Training

Use our Coaches to Focus on Individual Skills

Updated Wednesday September 27, 2017 by Prospects.

While Prospects prids ourselves on our ability to develop players, many player may benefit significantly with the assistance of small group (5 players) training.  In a small group, a coach may focus on teaching individual stick fundamentals, footwork, and scoring/defense skills.  Individual skilld development complements what we teach in team practices.  We encourage our customers to reach out to our coaches (Coach Dom for offense and Coach Jimmy for Defense).  Both of these coaches have recent college playing experience and they are local.  We are working with our coaches to provide a VERY cost competitive approach where you pay for what you use without having to commit to 10 sessions at a day and time that may not fit your schedule.

While Prospects is sponsoring this activity, payments are made directly to the coach.  All players MUST be registered as a Prospects participant and the event must be scheduled to take advantage of our coach training (insurance).  Players outside of Prospects fall program may participate by registering on our website (small group training).  The "tryout" language is needed to make sure there is no registration fee by SIPlay.