Winter Pickup Games

Come Join us to Learn and Play CHUMASH

UpdatedFriday November 10, 2017 byProspects.

Chumash is a lacrosse game played with two teams of 3 players each. Each team may (and should) have two substitutes. There is one goal in the center of the field. The purpose is for a team to score on its respective side of the goal.  See this video to learn how to play Chumash.  See modified Chumash played indoors with one crease here.

We are considering playing Chumash for one of our upcoming practices (we'll need to buy/build a goal).  Like box, it's a great small area game that provide maximum reps for developing playing skills (finding space, shooting for accuracy, moving the ball, taking better shots).  This small area venue requires less space and less players so we can conduct pickup games and play with a small commitment. 

Our Winter objective for this format is to mimic basketball pickup games.  We'll run round-robin games up to 10 (or less depending how fast games go) that should last about 15 mins each.  We will need 6 players to start (coaches may jump in) and players can join in as they show up.  Ideally we'll get 10-12 boys per pickup minimum (3 teams).

We will register players for a small registration fee ($15) that we will use to pay for the set-up costs (goals, balls, crease, etc.).  Pickup games are a $5 entry (cash) paid to the monitoring coach.  If we get enough interest, we'll reserve field space at St. Philips and may run to games at once.  We may look to rent some gym space and play with Swax balls.  Can't think of a more fun and better way to keep your skills sharp for tryouts come February!!!